The Dragon Crisis

Road to the Six Kings

The party meets Geldron at the docks where he gives them supplies, mounts, and gifts before they get on the boat to set sail for the mainland. The trip is uneventful and soon they’re on the road to the Cave of the Six Kings. After 3 days of travel the party comes across some men questioning a goblin. The party rides up to investigate and is immediately attacked. After killing all but one man and the goblin, the party questions them and finds out that the men were trying to make the goblin show them where the Cave of the Six Kings is but the goblin claims to have never been there. The goblin does make a deal with the party to lead them around all the goblin ambush sites if they let him go. He does lead them around, but at the end of the next day the party realizes that they are lost.


After defeating the transformed Dragonborn and Kobolds, the party takes the book back to Hectos. Hectos asks the party what took them so long? After the party explains to Hectos what happened, he informs the party that magic like that has not existed since the spell plague. He suggests that the party takes a sample to Movan for an analysis. He also tells the party that a new weapon is needed to reactivate the power of the Sword of Shazer. The party decides that Alek should get the weapon and the power of the Sword of Shazer transferred to a hammer made in the shape of a book.
When the party goes to talk to Movan they find him with two elves examining Titan. The elves (Lady Dannae Ulyan and her servant Jaenus) are very interested in Titan’s new found self-awareness and also let it slip that they too are also looking for “The Subtleties of Transformation volume III”. Being a suspicious group, the party decides to have Titan guard the book which is at the Mages’ Guild with Hectos. This proves to be a wise decision for a week later the party receives an animal messenger from Movan saying that something is lurking outside the shrine. The party rushes to investigate and finds inside a golden Dragonborn who introduces himself as Tryx. Tryx tells the party that if they want to see Movan again they will bring him the book. The party knowing that you should never negotiate with terrorists, refuses. Tryx disappears and a group of undead come out of hiding and attack the party. The party quickly defeats the undead and starts looking for clues. They find an open book with a reference to the Cave of the Six Kings in it. The party returned to Hectos who not only knows where the Cave of the Six Kings is but also knows that a gnome named Prof. Valdie is running an excavation that is in financial need. He suggests that the party try to find a merchant who is willing to back the excavation. The party talks to their old friend Geldron who agrees to provide the supply that the party needs to make the trip in exchange for the party to deliver a contract to Prof. Valdie.

Of Lizards and Transformations.

The party goes to the old library to get “The Subtleties of Transformation volume III”. When they get there they find that the library has been taken over by kobolds and dragonborn. After battling the kobolds and dragonborn and freeing the librarians the party hears the sound of chanting coming from an upstairs room. They charge into the room and find 4 kobolds and a dragonborn performing some kind of ritual. The kobolds grow to the size of men and the dragonborn grows wings right before they attack. In spite of their new power, they are unable to beat the party. Afterward the party finds that the dragonborn was using the The Subtleties of Transformation volume III to perform the ritual.

My god can beat up your god.

After a follower of Tempus is killed by a group of Banites, BattleBrother Krang sends the party to teach them a lesson. They track the Banites to an ancient tomb were the Banites are looking for an artifact. The party defeats the Banites in battle and proceed into the tomb to see what the Banites were looking for. They are attacked by the skeleton of Shazer. After a long and bloody battle the party beats the skeleton and finds that his sword is magical but is far from an artifact. The enchantment however is unusual so the party decides to take it to Hectos. Hectos finds that the sword was more powerful than it is now but has been weakened by time and the spellplague. He thinks he can restore its power but he needs a book called “The Subtleties of Transformation volume III” to do it.

The great warehouse robbery.

A week after saving Eleanor, Geldron hires the party again. This time to find out who has been stealing shipments out of his warehouse. The party finds a secret passage leading to the sewers of old Phlan. After searching through the sewers, they run into a group of kobolds. During the fight one of the kobolds hits Titan the golem with a strange goo and he is suddenly self-aware. After the fight, the party heads up the sewers. They find where it connects with the river and more kobolds, this time being lead by a dragonborn. The party easily wins the battle and finds the missing shipments. After looking at the contents of the shipment they realize that everything that was stolen can be used in ritual magic.

Mists of madness

Geldron hires the party to find his daughter Eleanor who was kidnapped and taken to the swamp north of Phlan. In the swamp the party finds Eleanor is about to be sacrificed by a group of cultists. They kill the cultists and save the half-elven maiden. Eleanor tells the party that one of the cultists went into the ruins behind them. The party follows after him and find he is trying to free an imprisoned lich named Skoulos. The party stops the cultists and make sure that the lich will never rise again by destroying its Phylactery.


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