Experimental Shield Guardian warped by the Spellplague


Agius and Finnerton were a human and gnome project managing a cheap line of personal security/man-servant shield guardians for a Sembian trade consortium. They cut costs on materials, size, and effective strength but had managed to produce 200 units when Dweomerheart exploded and the Spellplague ravaged Faerun. Many of the units and their control amulets simply fizzled out, some unfortunately exploded, others went berserk. T1T4N6 mindlessly marched north across Sembia, the Dales, and Cormanthor until a Banite wrested control and dominated it.

Since then T1T4N6, redesignated Titan for ease of commands, has changed hands multiple times. The Banite was cheated out of it by a Zhent, who sold it to cover his debts to a slaver, who lost it and all his other chattle when their slaver galley was sunk off the coast of Phlan mysteriously. When it marched into town the confused guards did not know what to make of it and better safe than sorry, assumed it was some monster or other and engaged it. After beating on it to little effect for a while they decided to change their story and instead “arrest” it and bring it before the council.

Councilman Edrik dismissed it with a wave of his hand to join the reconstruction crews with the rest of the felons where it labored under a half-elf named Roric until he lost it in a game of dice to Alfonse in the Red House.


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