Alfonse von Winkletub

Tiefling Enchanter and Scoundrel


Alfonse Alejandro Winkletub was abandoned at birth and has embellished his origins to suit his own sense of style. He was named by Albert and Maria Winkletub, the halfling proprietors of the inn he was abandoned in and spent his youth winning over travelers and listening to and telling tall tales of his own. He may have persuaded a few better looking serving maids that working at their river side ferry inn was an exciting and rewarding opportunity.

He’s charismatic, intelligent, and fabulous as well as an enchanting mage. The horns on his head simply accentuate his magnificent purple hair. I mean really? Can you think of any other way to set off a fabulous part like his without the supporting structural engineering fortuitously provided by his fine bone structure? That’s all the horns are you know, finely sculpted bone structure. It’s alright to stare. He gets lost sometimes in the mirror too.

Alfonse von Winkletub

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