The Dragon Crisis

My god can beat up your god.

After a follower of Tempus is killed by a group of Banites, BattleBrother Krang sends the party to teach them a lesson. They track the Banites to an ancient tomb were the Banites are looking for an artifact. The party defeats the Banites in battle and proceed into the tomb to see what the Banites were looking for. They are attacked by the skeleton of Shazer. After a long and bloody battle the party beats the skeleton and finds that his sword is magical but is far from an artifact. The enchantment however is unusual so the party decides to take it to Hectos. Hectos finds that the sword was more powerful than it is now but has been weakened by time and the spellplague. He thinks he can restore its power but he needs a book called “The Subtleties of Transformation volume III” to do it.


oxades2020 Jairami

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