The Dragon Crisis


After defeating the transformed Dragonborn and Kobolds, the party takes the book back to Hectos. Hectos asks the party what took them so long? After the party explains to Hectos what happened, he informs the party that magic like that has not existed since the spell plague. He suggests that the party takes a sample to Movan for an analysis. He also tells the party that a new weapon is needed to reactivate the power of the Sword of Shazer. The party decides that Alek should get the weapon and the power of the Sword of Shazer transferred to a hammer made in the shape of a book.
When the party goes to talk to Movan they find him with two elves examining Titan. The elves (Lady Dannae Ulyan and her servant Jaenus) are very interested in Titan’s new found self-awareness and also let it slip that they too are also looking for “The Subtleties of Transformation volume III”. Being a suspicious group, the party decides to have Titan guard the book which is at the Mages’ Guild with Hectos. This proves to be a wise decision for a week later the party receives an animal messenger from Movan saying that something is lurking outside the shrine. The party rushes to investigate and finds inside a golden Dragonborn who introduces himself as Tryx. Tryx tells the party that if they want to see Movan again they will bring him the book. The party knowing that you should never negotiate with terrorists, refuses. Tryx disappears and a group of undead come out of hiding and attack the party. The party quickly defeats the undead and starts looking for clues. They find an open book with a reference to the Cave of the Six Kings in it. The party returned to Hectos who not only knows where the Cave of the Six Kings is but also knows that a gnome named Prof. Valdie is running an excavation that is in financial need. He suggests that the party try to find a merchant who is willing to back the excavation. The party talks to their old friend Geldron who agrees to provide the supply that the party needs to make the trip in exchange for the party to deliver a contract to Prof. Valdie.


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